• Why meet in a house?
    The idea of a church meeting in a house is new to a lot of people. Most new churches put a lot of effort into getting a building for them to meet in. Then they name the building after themselves and call the building a “church.” (Of course, a church isn’t really a building. It’s […]
  • Why conduct the meetings this way?
    The format of our meetings is a little different than what most people are used to (see a brief summary here), so in case you’re wondering why, here’s your answer. We’re trying to do things in the same way the first century apostles did. Over the centuries, church meetings evolved and changed from their original […]
  • Church Leadership
    At most churches it’s easy to identify the leader.  He’s the one that stands up and preaches. However, when you read I Cor. 14, you’ll see that many or all of the men are preaching (taking turns and following the orderly rules set forth in that chapter).  That’s what you’ll see here. Does that make […]
  • But I Can’t Preach
    If you’re new to learning about the I Cor. 14 participatory style of church meetings, you may be feeling an expectation to be able to preach, which you may not be comfortable doing. Don’t worry about it.  Take it easy.  No one is going to make you stand up and give an hour-long sermon, or […]
  • Women in Church
    Our congregation is led by the men of the church, although women play an important role in the church, different than the role of the men.  This topic is sometimes fiercely debated in churches.  We aim to stay as close as possible to biblical teaching on this issue, as with any other issue. Women have […]