Why do you worship this way?

As believers in Christ, we seek to follow the pattern of the first Christians who “continued steadfastly in the apostles’ doctrine and fellowship, in the breaking of bread, and in prayer.” (Acts 2:42) Not only do we meet to study the Scriptures, spend time in fellowship and prayer, but also, each first day of the week, we break bread according to the command of our Lord (Luke 22:19) and the example of the early disciples (Acts 20:7). 

Why don’t you have a pastor or paid staff?

We practice the priesthood of all believers (1 Peter 2:5). We do not recognize a special class of people who do the Lord’s work. Every believer in Christ is encouraged to use their gifts to serve the Lord for the benefit of fellow believers. The ministry of preaching and teaching the word of God is given by spiritual men who have been gifted by the Holy Spirit (Romans 12:6-8, Ephesians 4:7-12).

Why do the women cover their heads?

We seek to glorify God in every element of our corporate worship, including this often overlooked instruction from 1 Cor. 11 to the church. By covering the glory of the woman, her own hair, the Glory of God is revealed and visible to all present.  

Why don’t women speak during the service?

Christ’s finished work destroyed all human distinctions, so that now every believer, whether male or female is a priest to God. And as priests, we have the privilege to worship all we desire. But while the distinctions have been erased, God created and established order within the church. That order is seen in the separate roles of men and women in the church. Men act publicly in the ministry of the Word, while women pray and worship silently. But they are silent only to the congregation; God hears them when they pray just as He hears the men who are praying silently. 

Do you practice the gifts of the Spirit? 

While we covet the leading of the Holy Spirit in spontaneous prayer, Scripture reading, teaching, and worship, as well as in our everyday lives, we believe that the gift of tongues was specifically helpful only in the early church for the translation of foreign languages. Since a situation calling for the Scriptural use of the gift of tongues would be very rare, we do not practice the “filling” of the Spirit in this way.

What denomination are you?

We are an autonomous local church gathering unto the name of the Lord Jesus Christ alone. We do not seek a name for ourselves or take a denominational title. His name is the only name by which we wish to be known.