More Than a Church – It’s a Community

What sets us apart as a community of like-minded believers?

  • We have a plain and simple approach to church.  No impressive buildings or worship services.  No busy programs that give people a false sense that they’ve accomplished something for the Lord when it’s really just an activity that has no spiritual impact.  No liturgy that substitutes rituals for a real relationship with God.  Just simple prayer, hymns, Bible reading, and exhortation from the Word, in the manner the New Testament describes.
  • We have a plain and simple approach to family and lifestyle.  While we do not have specific rules, we do not want to wear worldly clothes, consume a lot of worldly media, or make a show of status.  Modesty is a virtue, both in clothing and in life in general.
  • We have a plain and simple approach to community.  We strive to develop relationships founded on the Scripture so that we can bear one another’s burdens. Fellowship meals are an important part in building our community!

How do we worship?

  • Our church meetings are conducted by the men of the congregation, who participate as they are led by the spirit for the edification of the congregation and for the glory of God.
  • The ladies do not audibly participate in worship other than in congregational singing, and they are encouraged to cover their heads in church meetings.
  • The children are trained to sit quietly in church and learn.
  • We sing traditional hymns a capella and read from the King James Version of the Bible.
  • We do not hire a paid clergyman to preach.  Preaching is done by the brethren in the congregation that God has gifted.
  • We practice a congregational form of church government, in accordance with the New Testament.
  • We have a concern for families practicing holy living.  We take the responsibility found in the Bible seriously, to train our children in biblical truth, and to stay unspotted from the world.

We invite you to join us in fellowship.  You are always welcome.

Believers Fellowship
7535 Wall Triana Hwy. Suite M
Madison, AL 35757

Breaking of Bread: 10:30
Family Bible Hour: 11:00
Sunday Evening: 6:00