It can be hard to find Plymouth Brethren assemblies in the South.

Believers Fellowship is a growing assembly of believers in the Huntsville area.  We are meeting at 7535 Wall Triana Hwy., Suite M, Madison, AL 35757.

  • Breaking of Bread celebrated weekly.  Prayer, hymns, and Scripture remembering the Lord’s death, focusing on the person and work of Christ.  No pre-planned order of worship.
  • Other services may have more structure and include hymn signing, preaching, Scripture reading.
  • Recognition of spiritual gifts, although not practicing charismatic sign gifts.
  • No clergy.  Gifted brothers minister as they are able.
  • Recognition of the priesthood of all believers.
  • Sisters do not offer audible worship generally other than participating in congregational singing.  Most wear a head covering in services.
  • Hold to fundamentals of orthodox Bible doctrine, including inspiration & inerrancy of the Bible, Trinitarian, deity of Christ, literal second coming of Christ, etc.

This fellowship begin out of a desire and prayer for a New Testament assembly.  Although there are many such assemblies across the country and around the world, there were no “Plymouth Brethren” assemblies in or near Huntsville.  Our sincere prayer is that you join us this Lord’s Day.

Believers Fellowship
7535 Wall Triana Hwy. Suite M
Madison, AL 35757

Breaking of Bread: 10:30
Family Bible Hour: 11:00
Sunday Evening: 6:00